Quad Pod Industrial

Quad Pod Torre de Iluminación Industrial

Soluciones de iluminación de alta potencia con focos moviles. El Quad Pod es una solución móvil al aire libre de iluminación con focos de alta Potencia diseñado específicamente para la Construcción, el Alquiler de Material, Vía Ferroviaria, Servicios Públicos y Eventos al aire libre.


Watch The Quad Pod Portable Lighting Tower In Action

Why is the Quad Pod portable lighting tower so popular?

Highly flexible – easy to manoeuvre to any location

One person deployment system – quick and easy to set up in under 2 minutes

High power LED lights – 24,000 lumens of light per 200W light head

Generator or mains powered

Robust and ruggedized structure

Individual, fully adjustable light heads

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New For 2017

More Light

New 200W Light Heads

New 200W Ultra Efficient High Power 24,000 lumen LED Head. Total for 6 head Quad pod up to 144,000 lumens.

The Quad pod is now fitted with the Latest Generation of High performance LED light source with new technology from Philips LED. These improved LEDs make the Quad Pod light source ultra bright, ultra efficient, rugged and reliable. Each 200W head offers an impressive 24,000 lumens of 6000K LED light.

New improvements for transport and logistics

Fork lift pockets combined with tie down points

forkliftNew fork lift pockets and tie down points improves handling and distribution

Fully enclosed fork lift pockets combined with additional tie down points allow maximum load out and simple handling at depots and destination.

Slack rope protection system to prevent the winch from being operated in an unsafe condition.

Mast Safety interlock system to prevent the mast from being raised until the last stabiliser leg has been deployed.

Faster Deployment

Under 2 Minutes!

New Faster deployment in less than 2 minutes due to improved leg retaining catches and high grip tension bars.

The new rubber strap and catch system allows rapid release and securing of the Quad Pod legs. The addition of a Friction grip on the Leg tie bars allows quick tension of legs even if ice or mud is present.


Integrated manual winch with automatic brake

Allows safe raising / lowering of the mast

Individual, fully adjustable light heads

Allows light to be adjusted to suit any application including a 360° light pattern

RCD electrical safety isolation

Instant power off should an electrical problem occur

Independently adjustable legs

Copes with uneven surfaces

Built in level gauge

Ensures vertical mast raise

Automatic stowage lock

Prevents mast movement in storage or transport

Automatic mast raise safety interlock

Prevents chance of mast lowering unless correct operation used

One person deployment system

Quick and easy setup

Fork lift pockets and tie down points

Allow maximum load out and simple handling at depots and destination.

Large low pressure footprint

Gives non-marking safe secure base
Product Code Mast Height Number Of Heads Technology Weight Closed Dimensions Open Dimensions
K50/MK2-LED4 5m 4 LED 210Kg 1030 x 850 x 1970mm 2370 x 3100 x 5315mm
K50/MK2-LED6 5m 6 LED 229Kg 1030 x 850 x 1970mm 2370 x 3100 x 5315mm
K65/MK2-LED4 6.5m 4 LED 220Kg 1030 x 850 x 1970mm 2370 x 3100 x 6840mm
K65/MK2-LED6 6.5m 6 LED 239Kg 1030 x 850 x 1970mm 2370 x 3100 x 6840mm
K50/MK2-MH4 5m 4 Metal Halide 165Kg 1920 x 770 x 700mm 2370 x 2370 x 5540mm
K50/MK2-MH6 5m 6 Metal Halide 177Kg 1920 x 770 x 700mm 2370 x 2370 x 5540mm
K65/MK2-MH4 6.5m 4 Metal Halide 192Kg 1920 x 770 x 750mm 3770 x 3770 x 6570mm
K65/MK2-MH6 6.5m 6 Metal Halide 204Kg 1920 x 770 x 750mm 3770 x 3770 x 6570mm

The Quad Pod portable lighting solution can be powered by:

  • AC mains power supply (110V – 250V AC)
  • Petrol or diesel generators

Extension Leads
Extension leads are available in a variety of lengths to meet customer requirements.

Wheel Options
Two standard wheel options are offered to provide the maximum stability, optimum handling and minimum ground impact on a range of surfaces:

  1. Low profile wheels / tyres – particularly suitable for hard / dry surfaces
  2. Low pressure pneumatic wheels / tyres – particularly suitable for grassed or uneven surfaces and for use in wet conditions